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    Making roties in conventional way is probably the most tiresome job. But Jaipan electric roti-makers can bring a big leap. It's safe, easy, convenient and hassle-free job to make roties with Jaipan roti-maker.


    Rotimaker,Jaipan,Jaipan Jumbo Roti Maker

    Jaipan Jumbo Roti Maker

    Now make hot roties with jaipan's hottest roti maker.Smartest & fastest way to make roties. •Stainless Steel body. •Both side Non-stick coated. •Strong & Sturdy Cool-touch Handle. •Pilot Lamp. •Shockproof body.
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    Rotimaker,Jaipan,Jaipan Khakhara Maker

    Jaipan Khakhara Maker

    Now make hot Khakhara with jaipan's hottest Khakhara maker.Smartest & fastest way to make Khakhara. -Handle to press the plates together -Knob to lift top plate -Stainless Steel Cover of the plates -Mains indicator Red Neon light
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