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Welcome to jaipanonline.com

Jaipan is one of the most trusted Indian brands in Home Appliances & Kitchen Appliances including mixer grinders, food processors, Non stick pans, Toasters, Juicer Mixers, blenders, Roti makers and many more. jaipanonline.com is a sincere endeavor to offer convenience to our esteem customers to buy original Jaipan products online. We wish you happy (e)shopping...

Jaipan Home Appliances

Home Appliances

Your cooking and cleaning job is now much easier. Browser wide range of Jaipan home appliances and choose the one that fits to your needs. Our every product looks good, works efficiently and delivers the best.

Jaipan Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

Halve your time in the kitchen leaving more time for your personal stuff. Jaipan brings wide range of affordable kitchen appliances; take a look at some of our newest products and pick a few for your kitchen.

Jaipan Mixer grinders

Mixer grinders

Chop groundnuts, grind masala, stir butter milk or grind Idly Rawa all with the flick of a switch. Scientific product design and sturdy build of Jaipan mixer grinders make them efficient and suitable for versatile use.

Jaipan Food processors

Food processors

Designed especially for a typical Indian kitchen, Jaipan food processors come with all necessary jars and accessories to process vegetables, fruits, meat, ata and many more - a true value for money product.

Jaipan Blenders


A must to have appliance in the kitchen, blenders help you prepare juices in minutes - offering you utter convenience and the best taste of home. Browse the range of Jaipan blenders and buy one that fits to your requirement.

Jaipan Roti makers

Roti makers

Making roties in conventional way is probably the most tiresome job. But Jaipan electric roti-makers can bring a big leap. It's safe, easy, convenient and hassle-free job to make roties with Jaipan roti-maker.

Jaipan Dosa tawas

Dosa tawas

Success in making dosas depends mainly on dosa batter and dosa pan / dosa tawa. Jaipan brings you wide range of best quality maintenance-free non-stick pans (dosa tawas) to prepare soft, tasty and oil-free dosas and uttapams.

Jaipan Toasters


If toast is your thing, allow us to help you prepare crispy, mouthwatering toasts within couple of minutes. Jaipan toasters are non-stick, easy to clean and have heat controller and overheat safety protection.

Jaipan Induction Cookers

Induction Cookers

An induction cooker is safer, cost effective, faster and more energy-efficient than traditional LPG stove / cooker. With rising prices of LPG gas, induction cooker is the must-to-have supportive for your cooking needs.